Welcome to the ministry of The Altar Guild! The Altar Guild of The Chapel is comprised of parishioners who wish to care for the vestures of the altar to make it ready for the most blessed of sacraments - the Holy Eucharist.

What does the altar guild do?

  • provides for the proper care and cleansing of altar linens, vestments, albs, and other vestures, including stain removing, washing, ironing, sewing, repairing, dry cleaning, etc.
  • provides for the proper care of the altar candles, vigil candles, holy water fonts, and altar flowers.
  • coordinates among guild members to pick up used linens in the sacristy following Mass and return those linens to the sacristy in a timely manner.
  • works in conjunction with the pastor and sacristans to ensure that the textiles necessary for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist are correctly prepared and presented.
  • members are encouraged to plan the needs for the monthly and seasonal settings, including the decoration of the altar at Christmas and Easter.

Interested in serving with the Altar Guild?

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